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Do you feel like you are doing so much already, between school, housework, meals and family?

Do you always feel behind on something?
Do you hear the clock ticking telling you that your kids are growing up?
Do you worry they might lack something later?

Would you love to upgrade their education a notch more but really can’t find the time?
Would you love to have some support, encouragement, and even some quiet time?

If you answered yes to those 2 questions, The Free Child Way might be what you’re looking for. Learn about it and see if it resonates with you.

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What do you think your children need to Succeed in their lives?

We live in an ever changing world. Everything’s moving so fast and not always in the right direction. Our children will meet challenges we can’t even foresee:

  • 45% of the jobs will have disapear in ten years
  • The past decade was the hottest ever with series of dramatic events like hurricanes and wildfires
  • 70 billion animals are killed every year for food
  • 4000 to 10’000, that’s the number of ads an American is exposed to every day, according to marketing experts
  • 18,1% of the population suffers from anxiety disorders
  • Democracies are weaker than ever as crisis after crisis hit them and give more power to governements

Our children’s challenges for tomorrow are our challenges as parents today

Raising kids to face the future can feel overwhelming and more than you can offer, but it is not. It is actually very feasible.

Several educationalists, philosophers, and scientists have dedicated their lives to this very subject and many children around the world are learning what they need to live a healthy, balanced life.

Waldorf schools, Montessori schools, and Integral schools are examples of it. John
Holt and unschooling is another one, and we can see democratic schools flourish around the world…

Do you know what those schools have in common? Not their curricula, nor their setting or daily routine, what they have in common is that they focus more on abilities than on knowledge.

This is what The Free Child Way is all about.

I studied alternative and holistic educational theories and I narowed it to 5 fundamental abilities that every child should develop to live his life to its full potential.

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  • It is the project of a community
  • A community of mothers who share the same vision
  • The vision of a world where our children grow to become mindful and joyful adults
  • Free from self-doubts, society demands or limiting beliefs
  • Confident adults who walk the Earth with respect and empathy, creating for themselves a meaningful life
  • Men and women who can think for themselves and think smartly! Who don’t get hurt by other’s judgements or by failure
  • Adults who don’t give up
  • Peaceful and happy rebel in a consumerism world, making their own choices, based on love rather than fear