Raise Autonomous Children


Take back time and energy in your everyday life with this four weeks online course designed for homeschool moms.

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We all know how it goes…


We repeat the same things all day long, every single day!

We spend a huge amount of energy doing things we think THEY should be doing!

What if the problem was not our kids, but we moms?

With our 4 weeks course, you’ll learn to develop and nurture the right autonomy for your child, adapted to his needs and abilities, and without interfering all the time!

  • Assess your current situation and what you would like instead
  • Identify your limiting beliefs and your fears to get rid of them
  • Learn communication techniques and daily exercises to develop autonomy




“I started the Earth School course at the time where Covid 19 forced us to support our child with her learning at home. We felt quite overwhelmed to start with, with such a task because we didn’t quite know what to do or where to start.
Hence, I contacted Berenice from Earth School and asked her if she was able to help us on this daunting journey. Berenice was of great help, sending us all the relevant coursework from her Earth School business,with practical exercises for us to do that were easy to understand.

Berenice was great to work with and she went way and beyond to help with any questions and was always there to lend moral support too. I highly recommend Berenice’s Earth School service. ”

The Noble family, Australia

Did you know?
Children learn best by doing things themselves. So when you do things for them, you actually prevent them from learning properly.

I appreciate the way Bérénice worked her ‘plan’. Always going with the flow of what I was talking about or going through and never forcing a specific route or system.

Thank you for being awesome and helping me find a way that suits me and my family!

Remote Homeschooling mom of 3


Did you know?
Children can focus, they don’t like to be helped, they like to obey, they don’t like to play. Sounds strange? That’s because we have wrong beliefs about children.



I am a mom of three, I know that a mom’s life is busy. My goal with this course is to break proven techniques into short yet powerful actions.

Your family life, your energy balance and your overall satisfaction can start to improve dramatically in those 4 weeks.

Everything you’ll learn is a mix of what I learned during my degree, my professional experience and of course my 12 years of being a mom.

I’m looking forward to meeting you!


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All it takes is one step


In 2014 we decided to leave everything behind and go on a trip around the world with our 3 kids who were 5, 3 and 9 months at the time. After a few weeks of road trip I was on the brink of exhaustion. I had 2 choices: giving up on the trip or teaching my kids to do more things by themselves.

I’m sure you all know what I mean. You don’t need to roam the planet in a motor home to experience the “homeschool mom fatigue”. Between the house chores, the school planing, the actual homeschooling, the meals, the family life, and other field trips, birthdays, vacations, animals, hobbies, making sure everyone has warm clothes for the winter and rain shoes… You know… The mental load is impressive.

When we homeschool, or unschool our children, we create a certain balance in our family, and carrying everyone and everything isn’t balanced.

I’ve found out during all those years of traveling and parenting that my kids were more than willing to help and be more independent and that I was the one slowing it down.

It has been a rewarding journey, as today I don’t step in much in my kids’ daily routine. And I am sure you will hear that it doesn’t mean i don’t take care of them anymore. But I take care of the things that matter. I have time and energy to answer my kids’ demands regarding personal projects, new ideas and crazy inspirations.



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