The Free Child Tribe

Join a community of like-minded homeschooling women

From: $27.00 / month

  • A 24/7 place to vent out
  • Meaningfull discussions around core subjects
  • Members area with exclusive content
  • A community to share your knowledge and tips
  • New friends from all around the world
  • A way to discover other cultures and ways of life
  • A place where you can build your self-love through support and encouragements, celebration of wins
  • A community where you can be yourself without fearing to be judged

Receive your monthly Free Child bundle

  • Feel assured that your children develop fundamental abilities
  • Support your child to become a confident free adult
  • Offer them the priceless gift of developing their self-esteem
  • See your children become more autonomous
  • Improve your homeschooling as they grow more curious
  • Reduce petty fights as the become more resilient and peresevrent
  • See the harmony setting in as your child practices self-mastery
  • Increase all those benefits with the special tips for parents that come with the bundles

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