Serenity – 6 Weeks Coaching

Inhale, exhale, welcome to a positive education


  6 weeks, 6 x 1 hour

During this 6 weeks coaching, you will take stock of your situation, you’ll determine what’s unsatisfying and what would be way better instead. And then we’ll make it happen.


Examples, reflections, observation, exercices, feed-back, this is not a passive experience, you will try first-hand everything we work on during our sessions and see the changes happen before your eyes. This only works if you’re willing to change and if your willing to be part of that change.


I am here as a facilitator, I help you see, hear and feel, understand and take action.


After 6 weeks, you will know how to speak to your children so that they listen to you (I didn’t say obey), you will have a clear idea of what’s going on and you will know how you can act to make things better.