WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME you wished you had some help?



Today you can get strategies from SIX experienced homeschool moms to get through overwhelming situations with brio.

When the day doesn’t work out the way you’d like it or as planned, you start to get stressed. Maybe your youngest one doesn’t feel like homeschool that day, or your second is especially sensitive, and your eldest is too dreamy to focus… Time passes and nothing gets done. Your temper gets short and your demands less kind. The kids can feel it and react by getting deeper into their own negative behaviors. In the end, you yell, they yell back or they cry, and you feel like a total failure!


Can you relate?

Why did I do? I found a working strategy. Yes, that simple. And I intentionally used it every time I could tell I was getting overwhelmed until it became a habit.

And today I want to make it easy for you to do the same!

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Sometimes, what you need is a simple, efficient strategy you can use right away!


That’s why I contacted experienced homeschool moms and asked them one single question:

“What is your number one strategy when you feel completely overwhelmed?”


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My name is Bérénice and I am the founder of The Earth School!

Long story short > I graduated as a social worker, worked as an educator with kids and teens until we decided to hit the road and be a central part of our 3 children’s education.

After finding my way around homeschooling, I realized I was really missing having a community of moms and working with families. The Earth School was born.

The mission of The Earth School is to support homeschool families by developing and supporting children’s autonomy. We offer a community and bundles to help you help your child thrive.

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I feel that we are often, as moms and homeschoolers, meeting someone else’s needs when sometimes we just need to stop and meet our own needs. Whenever I felt overwhelmed in the past, it was ultimately because maybe I didn’t have established boundaries.