HOW TO DEAL with hospitals, doctors, and needles?



Today you can get your free guide from a loving and caring homeschool mom who hates when her children are scared or hurt.

I can only wish you to never have to go to the hospital with your child. But what are the chances, really, that a child goes all the way to adulthood without at least one trip to the ER? Here is a humble guide to make it easier for you and your child when the scenario happens. Don’t wait, anticipation is the key!




Did you know? Our fears and those of our children aren’t the same. While we fear death and uncertainty, children fear pain and separation.

Learn more in our guide and make your next trip to the hospital more peaceful.

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Sometimes, what you need is simply to hear it from someone with experience!


Two of my children were born with congenital malformations. Nothing life threatening but the fear and anxiety were here all right. We’ve been through 7 interventions so far and they will be more. I also happened to work in a pediatric ward for a couple of months as a social worker and did children and parent support.

“What matters is our children’s comfort.”


As I left the hospital the other day after my youngest son went through an intervention, I wanted to write an Instagram post about how to support children through a hospital trip. But it ended up into this FREE GUIDE!

I hope it will help you well.


My name is Bérénice and I am the founder of The Earth School!

Long story short > I graduated as a social worker, worked as an educator with kids and teens until we decided to hit the road and be a central part of our 3 children’s education.

After finding my way around homeschooling, I realized I was really missing having a community of moms and working with families. The Earth School was born.

The mission of The Earth School is to support homeschool families by developing and supporting children’s autonomy. We offer a community and bundles to help you help your child thrive.

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Fear has a large shadow, but he himself is small.

-R. Gendler