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I love free & autonomous

I love to think that children are allowed to develop their full potential and learn beyond what we expect. I love the idea of them becoming free-thinkers one day, not restrained by limiting beliefs and society ideas.

And I know that for this vision to happen, it takes happy, confident, peaceful, available parents. I want you to be the best version of yourself for your child’s sake.

Now you’re wondering: “isn’t she supposed to help ME?” I do, and I will. Just letting you know that when you start a journey to a more positive, balanced parenting, it will not only benefits you, it will also benefit your children, and the children of your children and their children after that.

So what feels like a survival need right now, and I’ve been there, I know how it feels when things are getting out of hands, is actually your first step toward joyful parenting.

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Vitamin Shot
Free Session
30 minutes
Taking action, setting goals and finding a purpose is like a vitamin shot in your mind, body and soul.
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Get back on your feet
60 minutes
You’ve got this one thing nagging on your nerves? Cool it off with a one hour coaching session.
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Inhale, exhale, welcome to a positive education
6 weeks, 6 x 1 hour
After 6 weeks, you will know how to speak to your children so that they listen to you.
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Find your family vision and make it happen
12 weeks, 12 x 1 hour
Harmony is a combination of different elements, linked together in a way that creates a congruence.

Wanna know a bit more
about me?

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This is me, Bérénice
Hi !
  • I am from Switzerland (the French part, NOT the German part).
  • I love books, never travel without them.
  • I don't like coffee (weird, huh?) but drink a lot of tea.
  • I love outdoors (I could live in a forest really, with a bathroom though).
  • I love animals (my favorites are: turtle, axolotl and orangutans).
  • I am a vegetarian (not vegan, I love the raclette too much).
  • I think that humor can help in any situation whatsoever.

And most importantly, I truly believe that children are full of capacities and possibilities just waiting to shine, given the right balance of care and freedom. Let them amaze you!