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There !

How’s life? If you are a homeschool mom, there are chances you meet one of those challenge:

Don’t you feel behind on something all the time?
Like no matter how hard you work, how tired you are, how much you give of yourself, you feel you could (or should, depends on your personnality!) do better, more, deeper, faster, smarter,… You name it.

Don’t you feel like you could use some support?
You know, when you are stressed-out, anxious, defeated or irritated, overwhelmed and frustrated? Wouldn’t you love a place to vent? Other than in your kid’s face who just happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time?

And the golden one: don’t you feel like you could use some quiet time?
This little miracle, when your children are doing something they are interested in and that you know is good for them. It’s like real-life quiet time PLUS mental quiet-time.

From Swiss Working Mom to Homeschool nomad Mom

In 5 years, I gave birth to three kids, I went to university and got my Bachelor Degree in education, we bought my grand-parents house and renovated it, I worked as an educator to help with teenagers’ reintegration and I acted as director for our amateur theatre.

And I left all that with my husband to roam the planet, what happened? It all started with my eldest son, Liam. He went to school and he was miserable there…

This kid is the sweetest, kindest dreamy soul around and school was breaking him. One day, he came back looking so so sad, that without even speaking about it with my husband I asked my son if he’d rather do school at home with me. The hope that lightened his eyes crushed my heart. And decided me: school was over.

No more school means freedom. So we quit our jobs, bought a motorhom, rented the house and decided to go East!

From following a Curriculum to following My Heart

After trying to figure out how to teach all the school subjects to kids of different levels with a toddler around and while travelling unknown countries, I decided to rethink it all.

  • What really matters in a child’s education?
  • What do our children really need?
  • What could I teach my kids so that they could learn what trully interest them? And do it by themselves?
  • What will they need in their lives? What am I actually lacking that I wished I had?

I went back to my books and extracted the nectar of the most inspiring educational philosophies. We kept math and English, all the rest we learned in other ways. Since then, following this unexpected path, guided by brilliant minds, I crafted an education, not based on school subjects like history, social science and economy, but on fundamental abilities like curiosity, perseverance or autonomy.

It became my mission:
Use my knowledge, my expertise, my experience as well as the guidance of accomplished educationalists to offer kids a top-notch education.

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I am on a

I want every child on this planet to have a chance to discover his true value, to grow into a free-thinking adult, to thrive on self-love and confidence. I want this same child to know himself, to know the world he lives in and to have empathy and respect for its inhabitants and its nature. I want for every child a chance to live a meaningful, fullfiling life where nothing can stop them, because they have this amazing power inside them. A power that did grow since they were children.

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From following a Curriculum to following My Heart

When I asked my followers on Instagram what they’d asked their parents if they could time travel, something came strong: teach me to love myself!

That sounds like a lot of pressure doesn’t it? Where to start? How to do it? How can I teach something I lack?

What if I told you that there is a secret bundle. It arrives every month, neat as a Swiss clock, and it brings everything you need (you can always add lot of love of course) to your home.


Your child develops fundamental skills and it’s not an added charge for you. Of course you are a part of it, because this is what homeschool is about right? And so you also get the benefits of the bundles. You actually get them three time:

  • Your child is learning abilities from a support you didn’t have to create
  • Your learn new abilities for yourself
  • Your life becomes easier as your child develops new skills

What would your homeschool daily life look like if your child was more curious? More perseverant? More optimistic? More autonomous? More master of himself?

I know you already see which one of those ability your child will especially benefit from and how it will improve his life.

It is for a reason that they are fundamentals: they are the core of a balanced life, they bring harmony, they free you from so many limits you impose on yourself.

& Community

I know you want the best for your children and it is with that in mind that I created The Earth School:

  • Beautiful, meaningful, monthly bundles for your children based on pedagogies that have proven their worth over and over
  • A community of link-minded mothers where you can find support, encouragements and create time for yourself

As a homeschool mom, I made it a 2 sides offer because I can see in my every day life how children and mother nurture each other and learn from each other. My enthusiasm lies in your success so I am always researching, improving and creating for you!

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Come and join
The Free Child Community
if you…

  • Are an overwhelmed happy homeschool mom
  • Want the best for your children
  • Are looking for a place to vent and discuss things that matter to you
  • Are willing to improve but really, you don’t have time for that
  • Have a house full of mess and noise
  • Believe self-love is a foundation for life
  • Know their is more to school that curricula
  • Love to receive beautiful things that are so good your husband can’t complain about it!

The Free Child bundles are religious-free, political-free, racial-free,… This is not my role to infuse your children with opinions or beliefs, on the contrary, I want him to learn to listen to himself, to develop his own ideas. You can put it that way: I teach them how to ride a bicycle, but I don’t tell them on which road they should ride it!

Wanna know a bit more
about me?

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This is me, Bérénice
Hi !
  • I am from Switzerland (the French part, NOT the German part).
  • I love books, never travel without them.
  • I don't like coffee (weird, huh?) but drink a lot of tea.
  • I love outdoors (I could live in a forest really, with a bathroom though).
  • I love animals (my favorites are: turtle, axolotl and orangutans).
  • I am a vegetarian (not vegan, I love the raclette too much).
  • I think that humor can help in any situation whatsoever.

And most importantly, I truly believe that children are full of capacities and possibilities just waiting to shine, given the right balance of care and freedom. Let them amaze you!