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Get Through Overwhelming Situations With These Proven Strategies

Get out of the next crisis in peace, thanks to these tested, easy to implement strategies.


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The Happy Children

Entrust an outstanding gift to your child!

You are doing your best to balance everyone’s needs in the family. You are into positive parenting and your children’s education matters to you.

And yet, you sometimes wonder about their future. We live in a fast-changing world. We cannot imagine the challenges our children will face in their lives, nor the opportunities.

What if I told you that there is a nine months membership called The Happy Children Republic, that will teach your child the soft skills they’ll need for a bright future?

Based on proven educational philosophies and experiments, a simple weekly exercise can change your child’s self-confidence, ability to communicate, and will to thrive.

But it’s not always easy to see how we could teach them those things, right? I feel you, as a mom of three I asked myself the same question. Until, after a lot of trial and error, I got a clear view of the path.

Our membership is meant to build every one of those abilities through our weekly exercises. Adding one stone at a time, building on each other, to create a deep, meaningful foundation on which your children will be able to rely.


Become a part of
The Happy Children Republic

The Earth School isn’t only about amazing child development activities.

It is the vision of a community. A community of parents who share the same vision.

The vision of a world where our children grow to become mindful and joyful adults. Free from self-doubts, society demands or limiting beliefs. Confident adults who walk the Earth with respect and empathy, creating for themselves a meaningful life.

A community of parents who want their children to learn to think for themselves and think smartly! Who learn not to get hurt by other’s judgements or by failure.

A community where we share support, encouragement and motivation to help our children become the best version of themselves.


Who we are

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Our mission is to provide tools and knowledge to families who are into positive parenting so that they can enjoy a caring, joyful and creative environment where children can develop their true potential.
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Connect with yourself.
Connect with nature.
Connect with others.
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Through our example we can share with children values of respect, equity, trust, empathy and community that will help them make our world a beautiful and sustainable place.